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Milk and eggs are universal foods. They have in common a complete composition and an extreme richness in proteins of high nutritional value, in lipids, in minerals, carbohydrates and in vitamins... and are far from being perfectly known!
proejet Milkqua

07 December 2023

Redaction: STLO

End of the Milkqua project: for a sustainable dairy sector in Mediterranean countries

The Milkqua project, for which STLO coordinated the WP on the processing side, took a multidisciplinary approach to the use of essential oils as antibacterial alternatives to antibiotics in the treatment of subclinical mastitis.
Picture of scientists from STLO at the Beneficial Microbes conference
The "Beneficial Microbes" international congress brought together the scientific community working on bacteria that contribute to the lifelong health of humans and animals.
Logo of " fête de la Science"
For this 14th edition of the science festival, 10 scientists from STLO went to meet CM1 and CM2 classes from Melesse public elementary school on October 13, 2023.
The FAIRCHAIN project has just organised its third annual meeting, held in Athens (Sept. 20-21 2023) and it was a wonderful opportunity to give the stage to our case studies, discuss main results and define next activities for the final year of the project.

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